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Breathe  Move  Motivate

The Loft is a beautiful space located at the Rutland Nursery, on the south shore of Rutland Water. Here you can find your breath and move your body in a class to suit your kind of adventure.

About the Loft

The Loft offers a calm and connected space, a place for being and beyond.

The Loft offers Rutland a unique space for the local community, providing breath taking light and space to deliver equilibrium.

Delivering wonderful teachers all bringing their special gifts from which we can all find our own inner strength.

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Enquiries 07888867479 or email:


"When the root is deep there is no need to fear the wind"

When you visit The Loft one of the first things you will see is the tree, the focal point of our beautiful space.
Tash, the founder of The Loft, had a vision when creating the local hub and the tree, in so many ways, would hold a symbolic meaning to her and the Loft community.
She believes, in life, if we find a tree to be a leaf on, we can cultivate a passion. By finding a tree that is bigger than us, but still growing, together we can keep growing.
The tree reminds us to stay grounded and strong. The tree is a rooted foundation to keep growing and to know when to let go.

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