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Changing Rooms

We have 2 bathroom/changing rooms but sadly no showers at the studio.


We have Mats you can borrow that get cleaned down with Anti bac after they’ve been used each time. You can of course bring your own.


We have all props necessary for class that also get cleaned after each use, however it’s also a nice idea to bring a little towel to cover cushions and bolsters but that’s optional.

Keep Warm

I always encourage that you bring in a layer or two. If you’re in a well earned relaxation or a much slower paced class it’s nice to be able to stay cosy. Socks are always lovely at the end! 
With current guidelines the studio has to stay ventilated and May feel a little cooler than usual. 

Mat Racks

If you become a loft lover you can choose to leave your Mat on our racks ready for the next time you come to class. 

The Info

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