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A Lovely Testimonial

Thank you Gerald for the lovely feedback...

Typically you will arrive at the Studio and find that mats and a range of props will have been laid out for your class. Although mats are provided you are always welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Your teacher will welcome you and check-in with you for any niggles so that they can be aware of your today-body limitations and with that knowledge supportively guide you through adaptions as class unfolds. Everyone is encouraged, with warmth and care, to get the most from their own practice to their potential or the limitations of their today-body (… and mind!). I have had the pleasure and privilege of being a student at a variety of yoga and pilates classes at the Studio for approximately 18 months. I am grateful for the knowledge quality attentiveness and fun the teachers have brought to the classes I have joined and I am very happy to recommend the Studio: Gorgeous space quality teaching and fun teachers all! Sincere thanks gratitude and best wishes to my Studio teachers: Tash, Gemma, Camille, Rae, Kath and Josh… I‘ve yet to leave a class without wearing a big cheesy smile. Namaste!
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