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Naked Truth Workshop

What to expect when you attend this event?

Cacao Ceremony Cacao is so much more than just hot chocolate! It’s one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet! It helps give focus. Channels creativity. It supports you to get out of your head and into your body and fully embrace your feminine energy, that beautiful flow. Meet your inner wild woman visualisation As a trained and registered hypnotherapist, this practice will bring you into a deep trance where you are able to deeply connect with your un-conscious, taking time to focus on the woman you desire to be, the things you need to let go of, and the steps you need to take to truly love and accept every inch of who you are. Undressing Ceremony This is probably the most powerful and liberating part of the evening. It is such a beautiful and authentic experience, I never take the vulnerability of the women joining me for granted and I put a lot of effort into creating the safest of spaces. When we take off our clothes we are vulnerable. Removing our physical layers, helps to support us to remove our invisible layers, the self protection, the ego, the judgements and guards. We often hate being seen, it’s why so many people cry doing eye gazing practices or mirror work, or struggle to hold prolonged eye contact. It’s all guards we put up to prevent anyone truly seeing us, with the false belief these guards will keep us safe. But when we remain un-seen we can’t ever be loved fully. When naked it’s hard to not “be seen”. When practiced in a safe and accepting container it can support you to break down your layers of self protection and see yourself and others, in their truth. It can create a space to fully express yourself in a way you may have never experienced before. Voice Activation Breath This breath work is extremely powerful. I will demonstrate then guide you through your own personal practice. This practice is all about complete self expression. Often we hide parts of ourselves away, through shame or fear if we showed all of ourselves, we would be rejected. This is a space to express it all, the breath brings us deeply into our bodies, then as the pace increases we move into a full expression of emotion, this may look like rage, sadness, joy, pleasure, it’s whatever is suppressed inside of you pouring out! This deep body work is amazing for healing through trauma and boldly expressing our true authentic self. It can leave you feeling so clear that it can feel deeply euphoric! Vulva Breathing This practice is more sensual, slow and mindful mouth breathing to deeply connect to our most sacred space, our yoni, (pussy, vulva vagina, whatever you want to call it). We use this breath to connect with our sexual energy and practice moving this energy through our bodies, releasing areas of stagnation or any emotional blocks. Embodiment This is a practice of self love, or self acceptance of our body on a deeper level than purely how we look. It’s about moving past the external and dropping deeply inwards. Practicing self love through self intimacy and touch. This practice will be guided, then space created to purely “be” with yourself. This practice is amazing for creating firm boundaries with yourself, overcoming body confidence blocks and giving yourself the intimacy you may be looking for externally in your life. Frequently Asked Questions? Do I have to get naked? Nudity is completely optional and the whole workshop is very centred on inner listening and creating safety within yourself. If you feel resistance in the moment you can absolutely choose to remain dressed, there is no pressure, it is about expressing your truth. Will be remain naked for the whole event? I encourage attendees to remain naked throughout the practice. Although many feel terrified at this thought, its amazing how 20 minutes into the workshop everyone almost forgets that it’s isn’t completely natural to just be naked together! The nudity helps support letting go and a deeper level of vulnerability which makes all the practices more powerful. However, if at any point you feel uncomfortable you can choose to get dressed at any point. How long is the event? I aim to flow with the group so it can vary, it will be between 2 - 2.5 hours. Can I attend on my period? Periods are completely natural and I encourage women to attend on or off their periods, this is a space free from shame or any judgement (especially around something so natural) How many people will be attending? I keep the numbers low to keep the experience intimate, there will be a maximum of 10 attendees at the event Can men attend? At present this is a female only event How private is the venue? I ensure the venue is private, windows covered and no chance of anyone other than those in attendance witnessing the practice

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