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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Yin & Breathwork Workshop

Embrace the profound wisdom of surrender and unlock a world of freedom within. Join us for an illuminating Yin Yoga and Breathwork Workshop where we delve into the transformative power of letting go.

In this unique workshop, we invite you to explore the delicate dance between effort and ease, action and release, doing and being.

Guided by Tash and Claryn, you'll experience the gentle yet profound practice of Yin Yoga — a journey into stillness and self-discovery. As you surrender into each pose, you'll learn to release not only physical tension but also emotional and mental burdens, finding liberation in surrender.

Complementing the nurturing embrace of Yin Yoga, you'll embark on a journey of breathwork. Allow your breath to guide you deeper into your body wisdom and discover how surrendering to the rhythm of your breath can lead to a sense of spaciousness and empowerment, enabling you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Freedom Through Stillness: Explore the art of surrender through extended yin poses that encourage profound relaxation and release.

  • Breath as the Key: Experience how the rhythm of your breath can unlock hidden depths of tranquility and vitality.

  • Embrace and Let Go: Discover the magic of surrendering attachments and stepping into a space of profound freedom.

  • Mindful Transformation: Learn techniques to infuse mindfulness into every breath, fostering a sense of presence and clarity.

Who Can Join? This workshop welcomes individuals of all levels, from those new to yoga and breathwork to experienced practitioners. Whether you're seeking inner peace, emotional release, or a deeper connection with your breath, "Freedom in Surrender" offers a safe and nurturing environment to explore these transformative practices.

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