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Disco Heals: Where Fun and Wellbeing Find Their Groove

In a world where the daily grind often keeps us on our toes, sometimes, it's essential to let our hair down and dance to the rhythm of life. That's where "Disco Heals" comes in - an extraordinary event that seamlessly blends a bit of disco magic with the serenity of wellbeing. A vibrant fusion of fun and self-care that promises to leave your spirit lifted, your body rejuvenated, and your heart dancing to its own beat. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey into the "WHY" behind "Disco Heals," where you'll discover how this unique event is not just about grooving to the tunes but also about healing, both inside and out.

Lets begin by talking to Zoe & Tash about how it all came about....


In October 2015 I had a car accident which left me unable to work, after a year, the medical experts all gave up on me getting better.

I was deep in the well, my life was over. There was no point going on. I was sad, unhappy, angry, bitter, in constant pain, with indigestion, a bad tummy, eczema… I couldn’t sleep.

My thoughts and experiences made me question my sanity…I was depressed, anxious, scared to leave the house, but also scared to be left alone…

I was on so many prescription drugs that I went insane, I didn’t think I was real, or the world was real. My GP took me off the drugs, I had to go cold turkey, no pain killers, nothing to help me sleep, nothing to take the edge off.

Recovery for me was a long process, I searched the internet, did lots of reading, lots of meditating, trying whatever was suggested. This led me into the woo wah and searching for my purpose, which it turns out is to have fun… Life isn't meant to be dull and serious, it should be joyful and full of connections and laughter.

I split with my husband this Spring, I didn’t have a clue what to do with myself, then Tash suggested staying at her old family home, which was (still is, if you’re interested) up for sale. I needed to escape London, but I also needed a bestie nearby. I told her about my idea for Disco Heals and she wanted to get involved…


Music has always fed my soul.

Feeling the vibration of the sound run through my body has always connected me to the power of something bigger than myself. Like the heart that beats to pump life force through my veins, I feel that sense of oneness.

Dancing with people of all walks of life without judgment together brings a sense of community and the power of collective consciousness which by nature is healing.

Zoe and I have been friends since what I’d like to call the university of life years! Meeting in 1998 in Ibiza our love of sequins, glitter, music and dance will stay in our hearts forever. Both of us have gone through extremely emotionally challenging years of physical injury & divorce to mention a little, all of which demand that you dig deep to find your sense of self once more. Our passion for bringing people back to their inner strength and healing through joy and happiness is the energetic force behind Disco heals. Come and explore with us.

We’re going to give you access to free resources, which can help you be joyful, happy and healthier. Event details below:

DATE & TIME: Saturday 2nd December 10.30am -16.30pm

PLACE: The Loft @ Rutland Nursery

Tash will get the disco ball spinning with some with Disco flow, Yin to slow yoga followed by a delicious lunch altogether in the view restaurant. We will then settle down in the afternoon for a disco nap! (yoga nidra) concluding our day with Camile´s sound bath meditation and healing reiki session given by Zoe. We can´t wait for this first of what we hope will be many of these unique events.

Get ready to disco your way to holistic wellness!

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