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Happy Birthday South St Loft!

Well what a year it’s been. It’s simply flown by and now we celebrate the Loft's 1st birthday.

I still pinch myself as can’t quite believe I’ve managed to turn a drafty warehouse into a peaceful space for our local community to find either their return journey to wellbeing or begin one.

The past couple of years have been incredibly difficult for everyone in one way or another and I’ve often wondered if it was just madness to open a new venture in such precarious times. But when I think what I’m doing it pales into insignificance next to why I’m doing it.

My passion for the healing power of movement and meditation albeit for me personally they are one and the same, and giving people the opportunity to experience this truly drives me.

Finding balance physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically creates a domino effect of positivity you then share with others and that continues on.

I have already been privileged enough to meet some incredible souls and I thank them all so much for their continued support and I learn just as much from them whenever I get to hold the space.

The Loft continues to grow and connect with the community and wonderful wellbeing projects such as Thrive & Bloom held at the Rutland nursery each month. Bringing people together is very much at the heart of the Loft's ethos.

Every time I get out to climb it’s a gentle reminder of how far I’ve come, yet how far there is still to go and to keep holding on when it gets tough!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how we continue in our expanding journey through 2023 and hope you’ll join us.

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