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Josh LeClair - Foundations for Flight

Joshua is a Canadian-born yogi, educator and performer based in London, England. He began practising in 2010 and taught his first class in 2013 when studying the effects of yoga on stage performance for his Master’s dissertation. Joshua has been leading yoga teacher trainings since 2016 for schools like YogaLondon, Indaba and MoreYoga. He teaches high-energy classes led by alignment, presence and a sense of play — and encourages students to invite balance into their lives while pushing their boundaries as a yogi and an individual. You can find him at studios across London including Triyoga, Indaba and The Lodge. Come prepared to play, find your edge, try new things, and not take anything too seriously!

WORKSHOP: Foundations For Flight

This workshop focuses on the anatomical nuts and bolts that support postures like crow, forearm stand and handstand. Students will learn about modifications of these postures and develop their own progressive pathway towards them — so you always feel like you're building and progressing. We'll look at specific movements and muscles that are required to stay upside down and how to access them through drills and muscular 'activations'. We'll also explore how moving with breath and slow control of center of gravity are essential to not just getting into a shape, but being able to create sustainable asana and exit them safely and with control. Come ready to get out of your comfort zone, flip your perspective and find your flight!

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