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New studio reno in full swing

Hello loft lovers, we thought you might like to have a sneak peek of our reno, well more of a before…with the after coming in just under 2 weeks…Eek! The heat is on to magically transform the former cafe at Rutland Nursery into our beautiful new studio The Loft at Rutland Nursery. As you can see all hands are on deck, even blossom the dog is getting involved. Many hands (and paws) make light work we hope!

How it started, still looking very much like a cafe!

Pawject manager Blossom (left), kitchen coming out (right), making progress but still soo much to do!

Tasha enjoying the scenery , there we are on the signpost :-)

Meanwhile elsewhere on Rutland Nursery things are looking pretty amazing. We are beyond excited to be part of this new development & the shared vision of combining community, nature and wellbeing in a nourishing place of natural scenic beauty. As you can see Tash is already enjoying the backdrop in-between painting! Below are a few pics of the nursery garden and shop, the new restaurant is just gorgeous, you can read more about Rutland Nursery and all it has to offer here.

The View restaurant (left) and Hoggy's Grill (right).

This has to be the cutest car ever! so many nice things in the new shop.

Can't wait to see you all here, from June 19th onwards. Classes can be booked via our website

Our new address : Rultald Nursery, Lyndon Road, Manton Rutland, LE15 8RN.

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1 Comment

Jun 07, 2023

Go you guys! Can’t wait to come see and enjoy the fruits of your labours! love from Elaine

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