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Tash Talks Pilates

We're very excited to bring a new class to the timetable this month, many of you have asked about a beginners pilates class, we listened! Tash will be teaching Foundation Level Pilates every Thursday morning at 8:45am. Here you can learn the fundamentals of each core principle in the Pilates technique. Joseph Pilates designed these mat exercises to bring inner strength and stability which is the perfect complement to any other activity. Below we speak to Tash about her own pilates journey and why she thinks Pilates rocks.

Tell us a bit about your Pilates Journey Tash

I started practicing remedial pilates over 20 years ago after a hamstring injury. The physiotherapist used the technique and it was brilliant in finding strength and stability again in a controlled way.

One of my best friends had also trained to be an instructor and I was so impressed with the results was inspired to do the same.

Tell us a little more about Pilates...

There are generally 2 angles of approach to Pilates. The remedial work and then the classical system as Pilates originally designed it.

There are 6 main principles in Joseph Pilates technique





Precision and flow

These principles help develop a deeper understanding and connection to our much smaller stabilising muscles which creates better balance in our bodies overall.

I am recently recovering from a back injury, bulging disc L5 which usually comes with 8 to 12 weeks in recovery. I’m 4 weeks in and very much mobile again not taken pain relief. I 💯 % put this down to my Pilates background and being so I tune with my body on a deeper level.

The remedial work focuses more on the first 4 principles and the last 2 come into play with the classical System.

Pilates is considered holistic exercise but it’s not a spiritual practice which can be beneficial in our western society although I see a lot of yoga influence in the system .

What can people expect to get out of regularly practicing pilates?

You can expect to gain, more awareness of your body, feel more stable, inner strength and control.

Can Pilates help with injury & body pain?

Pilates most certainly helps with the pain body and injury rehabilitation. Infact most physios adopt pilates principles once out of the acute pain body phase of injury.

We’re trying to get to moving pain free as soon as possible.

People become frightened after injury of movement which is understandable but actually movement is what heals the body. This was Joseph Pilates mantra and has been mine for over 20 years.

Is Pilates a good complement to yoga?

I think Pilates is a wonderful complement to yoga or any other exercise you enjoy as it creates balance.

Jo wrote only 2 books and they were rather short but his system of exercises he called Contrology. And his ideals on well-being or being well in the modern era were inspiring. Movement healing the body has certainly carried me through 20 years of practice and many injuries and will continue to do so. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Join us for CONNECT foundation level Pilates class Thursdays at 8:45am by reserving a spot on our website

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