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Teacher Profile - Say Hi to Kath

We are so happy to have Kath as part of the Loft team. For those of you who haven't met Kath you can learn a little more about her below, and join for some in person Kath magic at Move Yoga Tuesdays @ 10am.

What style(s) of yoga do you specialize in, and how do you believe they benefit students?

Hatha yoga was the style I trained in and I’m also strongly influenced by Forrest yoga (a style of yoga created by Ana Forrest) as my own teacher trained in this style. I like to bring in different and new ways to move in a class as well so I’d describe my style as playful and eclectic.

I’m also currently learning about neural drills so I’m incorporating some unconventional things like visual exercises, vestibular drills and neural flossing which can literally give you more flexibility and improved balance within minutes! They are like instant yoga hacks. Cool right?

Acroyoga (acrobatic yoga) is another style which I am passionate about sharing. It’s a partner yoga practice where one person (the flyer) balances on top of another (the base) to transition through a sequence together. A third person (the spotter) is the glue and keeps the base and flyer safe as they move. This particular style builds trust, communication and connection. It fosters great teamwork and is super FUN!

My style emphasises building strong foundations to strengthen our joints and muscles, improving flexibility and being able to move with ease functionally in your daily life, all whilst not taking ourselves too seriously and enjoying ourselves even when we work hard, we play hard.

In your opinion, what are the key physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice?

Without a doubt getting out of your head and into feeling your body and reconnecting to our hearts. Getting back to your essence and carving out that time to truly care for the self. Moving better and feeling better. Building confidence, reducing stress and anxiety. When people realise that they can do things they couldn’t do before and realise that they are stronger, more capable and resilient than they think it boosts their confidence and trust In themselves.

Are there any specific sequences or postures that you find particularly transformative or therapeutic for your students?

Any sequence or posture can be potentially transformative for an individual, however, every individual is different so I would say that any one specific sequence has the potential to be transformative for a particular person but we ourselves change from day to day so what works one day, May not for another, What makes it transformative is making it playful, not getting attached to a particular result whilst taking a step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the subtle changes to a pose are often the most powerful and can create an ‘a-ha’ moment for a student as something unlocks for them. I am a firm believer in that you do not have to attempt complicated poses to work strong and feel the benefits.

What's the most unusual or interesting location you've ever practiced yoga in?

Oh wow, there have been quite a few! I did an Acroyoga sequence with my hubby on the Thames on top of a SUP board (Stand up Paddle Board). We also got involved in an Acroyoga flash mob once at Brighton station. The hubby and I did a yoga/Acroyoga photoshoot in a forest in Bali too. There was the time we did some Acroyoga in a town centre in Portugal in front of a fountain in and got an audience who cheered us on. We also did a stint at Covent Garden and was politely asked to move on (we didn’t realise there were professional buskers who have a license) 😆

What can students expect from a Kath class?

Humour, some unconventional ways to move, options to adapt poses/sequences to suit their bodies and me laughing at myself. The occasional bit about yoga philosophy and some storytelling about the myths behind the poses.

What’s your favorite thing about our new space at Rutland Nursery :-)

The Loft definitely has a great vibe, it’s light, airy and welcoming. It’s lovely being nestled in the Nursery surrounded by gorgeous plants and having a lovely cafe to socialise and chill out after a class.

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