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A Wonderful Evening of Yin & Sound

It was so wonderful to hold our first collaboration of Yin yoga and sound bath meditation with the lovely Camille in September, a beautifully engaging evening the union of Yin & Sound was truly magical.

For those new to Yin yoga it is deeply nourishing, working on the deeper tissues of our ligaments, tendons, joint capsules and fascia. Slow and meditative, Yin yoga gives you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Camille’s sound bath meditation is the perfect accompaniment to Yin which is why we decided to join the two together in one delightful evening.

If you who haven’t experienced one of Camille’s sound baths before, they are a treat and a great way to switch off from the everyday. The healing sounds, vibrations & frequencies are wonderful way to promote deep relaxation, calm a chatty mind & give your whole body a rest, welcoming emotional, mental & physical wellbeing.

September’s class was so well received that we will hold another evening on the 23rd of November by candlelight. The perfect way to reset your energy levels before the Christmas festivities begin.

The evening begins with a 75 minute Yin yoga class, followed by a little snack and herbal tea break and finally being enveloped in sounds.

6.30pm to 9.30pm suggested donation of £30 for this evening.

Spaces are booked through the website.

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